Pool Wastewater Adjustment

The Village of Minier is now offering adjustments to wastewater user rates for swimming pool fill-ups. To apply for an adjustment, please read through and fill out the Wastewater Adjustment Application and return the form to the Village Office. Completed applications can be dropped off the Village Office located at 110 West Central Ave., submitted to the 24 hour drop box located at the Village Office, or sent to PO Box 350. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (309) 392-2442 or send us an email



Once during any calendar year, a user of the combined waterworks and wastewater system of the Village of Minier may apply to receive an adjustment to the wastewater user rate ordinarily charged by the Village of Minier for any water to be used to fill a qualifying swimming pool. A qualifying swimming pool is defined as a swimming pool with a total capacity of not less than three thousand (3,000) gallons.

The Village Collector is hereby authorized and directed to receive applications for said credit. Such applications shall set forth sufficient information necessary to determine the amount of water to be used to fill the swimming pool, along with such other information as may be required by the Village. The Village Water and Sewer Superintendent is hereby authorized and directed to review such applications and confirm and verify the accuracy of the information contained on those applications, which review may include an inspection of the pool to be filled by the applicant.

The following limitations and conditions shall apply to this credit: (1) A user of the combined waterworks and wastewater system shall only be eligible to receive this credit once per calendar year; and (2) The application to the Village Collector Must be submitted and approved prior to the filling of the pool.

Upon receipt of an application by the Village Collector and review of the application to the satisfaction of the Village Water and Sewer Superintendent, and upon a determination that each of the requirements of this section have been satisfied, the Village Collector shall approve such application and give notice to the user. Only after receiving notice from the Village Collector may the applicant commence filling the pool. Upon approval of his/her application, the applicant shall receive a credit in the amount of 100% of the wastewater user rate which would ordinarily be charged for the water consumed to fill the pool.


** To Assure Proper Credit, Application Must be Submitted 7 Days Prior to Pool Fill Date**