Recycling Announcement - January 25, 2019

The Village of Minier is excited to announce to area residents our new recycling provider! Republ... [more...]

Solicitor Permits - November 02, 2018

Any door to door solicitor should have a permit from the Village Office. All valid solicitor perm... [more...]

We Care Inc. Minier Transportation - August 24, 2018

We Care, Inc. is the only non-profit organization of its kind in our community and even the count... [more...]


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This site is dedicated to detailing the many things that make Minier a great place to live, work, or just visit. Along with its rich history, Minier also has a bright future. While many businesses have already decided to settle here, many more are looking to the Village of Minier to help their businesses grow. Along with its business development, Minier has made strides in their residential growth, including the addition of Johnson Heights.

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Zoning Annual Notice

(4/12/2019) TO VILLAGE OF MINIER RESIDENTS:   The Minier Village Board is reminding residents to obtain the necessary permits for any construction planned on your property.  If you plan to tear down a structure, build an addition or deck, add a storage buil...

Minier Emergency Storm Shelter Plan

(4/12/2019) EMERGENCY STORM SHELTER PLAN Village of Minier   The Village of Minier and the Liberty Baptist Church have a cooperative EMERGENCY STORM SHELTER plan.  The church will be open and available to Minier residents who live in mobile homes or homes ...

Minier Severe Weather Alert Siren

(4/12/2019) MINIER SEVERE WEATHER ALERT SIREN   The Village of Minier is reminding all residents that the severe weather alert siren will be activated when a severe weather situation is eminent, and will affect the Village of Minier.  The siren will sound f...