2009 Cemetery Walk Slideshow

Slide 1:  Jack and Lois Thompson portraying
George and Sarah Minier.

Slide 2:  Jennifer Payne portraying her great-
grandmother Phoebe Graff.

Slide 3:  Diane Bennett portraying her aunt
Chrystal Sinn.

Slide 4:  Don Freitag and Cheri Saltz portraying
their great-grandparents S.A.C.and Catherine

Slide 5:  Bob Dietrich portraying the "official"
railroad mail carrier Otto "Bully" Glaser.

Slide 6:  Grace Ringwald reading about her
cousins Paul and Anna Glaser.

Slide 7:  Charlotte Peine Fesler portraying her
grandmother Sara Peine.

Slide 8:  Sherild and Janis Riddle portraying his
grandparents Less and Josephine Riddle.


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