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This site is dedicated to detailing the many things
that make Minier a great place to live, work, or just
visit. Along with its rich history, Minier also has a
bright future. While many businesses have already
decided to settle here, many more are looking to
the Village of Minier to help their businesses grow.
Along with its business development, Minier has
made strides in the
ir residential growth.

Johnson Heights is a new addition to the Village
giving you a glimpse into the possibilities of
growth in Minier.

2015 Consumer Confidence Report
May 2016 Cost for Employees

Freedom of Information Act
Methods for Requesting Public Information and Records
Freedom of Information Request Form
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Public Act 097-0609
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Resolution #283

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Board Agenda - October 18, 2016
Board Minutes - September 20, 2016
Board Minutes - September 6, 2016
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