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This site is dedicated to detailing the many things that make
Minier a great place to live, work, or just visit. Along with its rich
history, Minier also has a bright future. While many businesses
have already decided to settle here, many more are looking to
the Village of Minier to help their businesses grow. Along with its
business development, Minier has made strides in their residential
growth, including the addition of Johnson Heights.

Latest News:

VILLAGE OF MINIER bicycles are not to be ridden on the sidewalks in the business district in the Village of Minier. 

VILLAGE OF MINIERIt shall be unlawful for any person owning, or keeping any dog in the Village to permit any dog to run at large in the Village at any time. Dogs which are on any street, alley or sidewalk or other public place without being held securely on a leash shall be deemed to be running at large.It shall be unlawful for any person owning or keeping any dog in the Village to permit any dog to run at large on the premises of any but the owner thereof without the permission of the owner of the premises.You may contact the Minier Police Department through dispatch at 1-800-322-0166.  There is a fine payable to the Village as well as any additional costs incurred through Animal Control if your animal is running loose and picked up.  If there are continuous problems with neighbor’s animals running loose, please contact the Minier Police Department.

It is unlawful for anyone to permit any weeds, grass, or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers or other ornamental plants to grow to a height exceeding eight inches anywhere in the Village; any such plants or weeds exceeding such height are hereby declared to be a nuisance.

NOTICE: Skateboards
No person shall operate or ride any motorized skateboard, motorized scooter, golf cart, all-terrain vehicle of any kind or other motorized, unlicensed vehicles on the private property of another person, which shall include property of the Village which include public sidewalks, public streets or within a public right of way.

Roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards are allowed on Village sidewalks only using due caution, except in the business district.

These provisions due not apply to a motorized wheelchair or scooter.

Olympia Kiwanis Club New Release

Press Release:
Village of Minier Residents are encouraged to enroll in the ACH
payment option
for water/sewer billing.  This is a direct debit option
as opposed to making a physical payment at the Village Office. If
you would like to be enrolled please contact the Village Office at
309-392-2442 or pick up a form at Village Hall located at 110 West

In addition, Village of Minier Residents now have the option to enroll in One Call Now.  One Call Now is an emergency notification system for Village Residents.  To sign up for this service or get further information please come to Village Hall located at the address above.
Both services are free of charge.




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